Grew up in a musical family and learned t​o play the trumpet,

bar​itone, and acoustic guitar at an early age.  Played trumpet and baritone in high school band.  Sang in high school and college choirs​.  Started designing and building speakers at the age of 12 and found that I had a real passion for it.  Designed sound equipment and was the FOH Engineer for several pro​fessional music groups.  Worked as a Electronics Engineer at a couple of Fortune 500 companies.  Designed, built, and installed custom Pro Audio sound systems.  Used EASE to develop Electro-Acoustic models of auditoriums and speaker positioning.  Built large audiophile horns incorporating a 11 foot long folded rear horn and a front 300hz horn using more than 142 pieces of wood per cabinet and designed to be used with Tannoy dual concentric drivers.  

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