Humble Beginnings 


Electro-Acoustic Simulation of auditoriums/rooms, and interaction with  sound system.   Design, Procurement and/or Manufacture Custom Sound Solutions, installation, measurement and tuning of high performance audio solutions for simple to difficult environments.  Experienced working with historic buildings.


Design and installation of high performance custom solutions for the discerning taste.  Potential designs to customer requirements including subwoofers capable of high impact sub bass to below 5Hz.

Tactile transducer setup and installation  for the movie impact without disturbing the neighbors or people in other parts of the house.

Humble Beginnings 


Measurement, positioning speakers, system tuning  and consultation to get the most out of your system.

Custom Plinth Deign and Manufacture for your favorite turntable.

Speaker Restoration and Crossover Upgrades for tighter bass and improved clarity and imaging without changing the characteristic vintage sound.

Custom Speaker Designs and Manufacture for classic Altec, JBL and Tannoy drivers.

Custom Speaker Design and Manufacture to your requirements.

Potential Designs could include very flat frequency response beyond audibility and subwoofers with flat response(-3db) below 5Hz.